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Carbon Fiber 370Z Shifter Trim

Carbon Fiber 370Z Shifter Trim

Price - $200

Core Charge - $100


  • Hand made with premium carbon fiber fabric. Over 80 weaves, colors and patterns to choose from

  • OEM fitment guaranteed. Each part is carefully crafted with fitment and functionality in mind

  • UV resistant epoxy and 2K automotive clear coat are used to ensure a long lasting show quality finish 

  • Custom fabrication, paint, lighting and upholstry also available


*This is a refurbished OEM part that is overlayed with real carbon fiber fabric and not an original part.


*Online orders are only available in our most popular fabrics at this time.

To see our full selection of carbon fiber fabrics, check out our "Carbon Fiber Weave Shop" on our "Carbon Fiber Service" page and submit a quote to start your custom order. 



Lead Time

Every part is made to order and takes 4-6 weeks to complete once core is recieved


Refundable Core Charge

  • Core charge does not apply if you are sending us a core part.

  • We can also acquire a core for you through one of our trusted Nissan parts distributors. 

  • Once you recieve your new part and have it installed, we will email you a return shipping label so you can package it back into the box you recieved your new carbon part in and send us back your core.

  • Return shipping cost will be deducted from the core refund. 

  • Once the core is returned and verified that there are no major blemishes, the remaining balance of the core charge will be refunded to your payment method unless otherwise requested.


Can you customize your order?

YES! We are always glad to accomodate any reasonable customization requests.

We constantly strive to push the limits of our abilities so let us know what kind of ideas you have. 

Additional costs and lead time may apply.


What is a carbon fiber overlay?

  • An overlay is the process of taking an existing part and permanently adhering carbon fiber fabric to the outer shell.

  • The part is then put through a vacuum bagging process to evenly infuse the carbon with epoxy resin for optimal strength,adhesion and appearance.

  • 1-2 additional coats of epoxy are then brushed over the part by hand to create a protective surface over the carbon and give a deep, glass like finish.

  • The part is then hand shaped by various sanding methods to create a smooth, even surface with clean edges.

  • Then it is carefully examined before going into the paint booth for a 2k automotive clear coat.

  • Once the paint cures it is wet sanded to eliminate any texture (orange peel) from the clear and goes through a 3 stage buffing process.

  • A final inspection is done to ensure the part is free of blemishes before being shipped out. 

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