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VQ37VHR 3 Piece Intake Manifold

VQ37VHR 3 Piece Intake Manifold

Expected release date: 

December 2019


$1,000 Deposit required (Refundable)

$2,000 Total price


Official prototype will be revealed at SEMA 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. on November 5th 2019.


Direct bolt on modification. 

All factory sensors, brackets and gaskets connect to this manifold.

Center section will be cast aluminium.

Plenums will be available in high temp ABS plastic and carbon fiber.

Dyno results should be available in October 2019. 


With the technology of 3D scanning and 3D printing we are able to scan the factory parts within .01mm accuracy and redesign a more advanced and appealing replacement from scratch with perfect OEM quality fitment. 

THis VQ37VHR Intake manifold with 30% increase in airflow for optimum performance. 

Sleek interchangable 3 piece design makes it much easier on the eyes and the center of attention in the engine bay. 

Expected to also have much greater heat dissipation than the factory intake.

We are always working to develop new colors and finished to accomodate every gear head's taste

This is a direct bolt on with no modification neccesary. 



  • The $1,000 payment is only a deposit to guarantee a priority spot on the waiting list and not the total amount. Once the first production run has been started you